Our First Service

Pastor Daniel and his family started The Promise Church on May 30, 2004 Pentecost Sunday. At our first service we had more than 55 people in attendance!

Our Origin

We started with a Bible Study Meeting at Sis. Coco Herrera's home with a little over 10 at the meeting.  We then started meeting at Sis. Rosa Espinoza's home until we outgrew her house and needed a new place to hold our Bible Studies.

God increased our attendence to the point of having 56 people in our Bible Studies. This neccesitated a move and TLC Mortgage, on Clearwood, graciously opened their doors for us to have Bible Studies there.

Where We Have Been

Our first two service where held at the South Houston Community Center.

The Lord then led us to rent a Methodist church that was no longer being used. The people from El Buen Pastor UMC have been very generous to us and we appreciate them allowing us to use their building.  We now average 70+ in Sunday School with some Sundays seeing us with over 100 in attendance. God is truly Blessing!!!

New Building Purchase and Upgrades

Through God's grace and lots of prayer, we were able to purchase this building on August 8, 2006.  We have also remodeled the main sanctuary and had our inauguration ceremony on Sunday November 19, 2006.  We had 150 in attendence on that day!  Praise God for all those who visited.